Meet the Valley Way Dogs

We take great pride in our dogs as well as the overall breed.  We are dedicated to producing the healthiest dog possible by selective breeding and extensive research on each litter of puppies we have. 

Large Boykins

Stud Males

HR South Georgia's "Waylon" Ray is the epitome of a dual purpose sporting retriever.  At 43 pounds his unsurpassed drive in the field combined with his calm and collected demeanor in the home makes him the ideal companion.  

At three years old, Waylon has picked upwards of 1200 birds from quail to full grown speckled bellied geese.  He has become a staple in the Boykin Spaniel community and has gained recognition all over the country.  In the past two years he has been recognized by major brands and can be seen frequently representing their merchandise. 

A snapshot of Waylon's health clearances are below as well as his full pedigree can be found HERE:

Genetic Tests Include:

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy: Clear

  • CEA: Carrier

  • EIC: Clear

  • DM: Clear

OFA Ratings:

  • -Hips: OFA rating of "Good"

  • -Heart: OFA Rating of "Normal"

  • -Eyes: OFA rating of "Normal"

  • -Patellar: OFA Rating of "Normal"

Our Females

SGA's Valley Way "Tula" is the latest edition to the family.  She is out of "HR Red Creek Delta Dawn" and HRCH KJ Just "Buck" MHR.  We have high hopes for this girl and you can follow along with her progress on the Valley Way Kennels YouTube channel


Genetic Test Include:

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy: Clear

  • CEA: Clear

  • EIC: Clear

  • DM: Clear

Female Boykin Spaniel