Our passion is to deliver the highest quality Boykin Spaniels for the home and field.


Meet our Dogs


Meet the dogs of Valley Way. We specialize in the breeding and training of regal lines of Boykin Spaniels to be your next working dog or family companion.



Our dogs undergo all  required health certifications before breeding which include; Genetic, Hip Dysplasia, Eyes and Heart.  



Whether your goal is a great bird dog or a well behaved member of your family our training makes sure your Boykin reaches its full potential.

“Mike did an amazing job getting our 9 month old Boykin to his highest ability in his first 3 months of retriever training...We were over the moon when we got our puppy back seeing his knowledge and obedience skyrocket! ”

- Ryan from Kentucky


"What started with a a social media introduction has lead to a lifetime addition to the family. Michael was instrumental throughout the process our second Boykin. Previously owning a Boykin I was familiar with the breed. Michael provided solid guidance through the selection of our puppy. Once we reviewed the importance our pedigree our decision was simple. Next, after we brought him home, Michael provide tips to help guide through obedience and fundamentals. We discussed items to help prevent hard habits to break later in the training process. The open line of communication through this process made the decision easy when a came time to allow the puppy to move to the next level. We quickly began discussions of when it would be appropriate for "Roark" to make his way to Valley Way Kennels. It is never easy to part with a puppy, but through text ,photos, and the detailed daily reports it eased the pain of him being away. The reports provided great feedback of the progression of the dogs training. "Roark" is now back home and it is nothing short of amazing his progress in a short period of time. Thank you Michael for great experience and a lifetime hunting companion"

-Cory from Georgia